I’m vegan, I’m autistic, I’m vegetarian, I’m transgender, I’m heterosexual, I’m highly sensitive, I’m a woman. People define themselves constantly, and it is worthless if you look at it in a sustainable way.

Every time you get stuck on who you are, balance is lost. With al these labels comes a norm. “I’m a women, so off course I shave my legs. I’m autistic so I can’t handle this situation differently.”

Defining who you are by the things you do or the things that you look like is different then defining yourself by how you feel. And by acting on how you feel, you eventually will create balance in your life.

If you are acting on your gut feeling, on your intuition, on what your body and mind is asking from you in that moment, every label falls away. It is not important if you are a women or a men, if you are vegan or not, if you are highly sensitive or depressed. It is not that it doesn’t exist, it is just not the essence of why you do things that way. It can no longer be the reason why you do what you do. You won’t be a victim of the label, of what you look like or how you think the norm should be. You just start to act on how you feel, what feels good and right. On what is the best for you, on creating balance.

Balance in food, balance in friendship and family relations, balance in your peace of mind, balance in taking care of yourself (and eventually others). When you start to really act in that balance, everything will come in motion, because balance is never fixed. Sometimes you need to shut up and sometimes to speak up. Sometimes you feel like eating an egg, and sometime avocados an chickpeas. Sometime you need time alone, and sometimes you need to cuddle with your friend.

It is all alive, it is not fixed. Who you are doesn’t define you how to act. It is the other way around, how to act is all about feeling what is the most valuable
in that moment. And then the norm, the fixed mindset, the victim ship, the unnatural way of how things need to be, all disappear. And when it’s gone you can start taking care of you, the human being that was there all the time, under all those labels and ‘should be’s’, waiting to just ‘be’.