I get touched by the freedom shown by our children. I tear up when I see Doris dancing on the street. I almost cry when is see Iza joining. I loved it when Iza waves at random people in the streets or when Doris goes to ‘meet’ people (as she calls it) at the campsite. Just random acts of freedom.

For me, there is so much value in being free. Being free means there is no shame, no fear, no competition. It is al about trust, about self confidence, about being real. You are not depending on anything outside you. You are not looking for approval, or for reasons to do something, or for reasons not to.

When you are free you are always inviting. You always show that what you do or who you are is just enough. You can just dance in the street because you feel like it. And if someone wants to join you, it would be fine. You can just start a conversation because you are interested or curious about the other person. And if the other person doesn’t feel like it, it is fine. Your freedom is not depending on the other person. Not depending on anything else than just doing what feels good, what comes from your core.

I love it when our children show us and the rest of the world they are free. It is such a small gesture and a the same time such a big example and reminder for people that it is that easy to be free. To feel free. And to show yourself to the world, that you have nothing to hide. That you can just be who you are without holding back! There is nothing to hide, just dance like everyone is watching!