Energy is information. If you listen or feel and take is seriously. There is no judgement in that, energy is just what it is.

For me energy always overrules words. Whatever someone says is not important if you feel something different then what he says. What someone shows is not important if he makes you feels something else. Energy and words can be very opposite to each other. Always trust the energy, not the words.

There is energy in everyone, so there is information in everyone. Even when someone doesn’t speak, even when someone doesn’t look at you, even when you don’t know the person, even if you had only shaken his hand or walked passed him. Information is there, start feeling it.

Dare to feel. Dare to really feel and dare to feel what you feel. There is no judgement in feeling that someone else is rude, there is no judgement in feeling that someone else is playing the victim, there is no judgement in seeing that someone is violent or aggressive. It is just information you address. It is information that keeps you taking care of yourself. That energy is guiding you where to go and where to leave. And especially that last part is so important if you want to take care of yourself and the world. Leave the negative, strange, rude, victimized, small energy alone. It is not yours to fix. Is is not yours to save or judge. It is yours to let alone and take care of yourself. Let the information guide you, work for you and for the world, by flowing on it instead of trying to ‘get over it’, to make the other persons behavior bigger then the energy your are feeling in your gut. Don’t let them play big, don’t let them fool you. The energy never ever lies. Start trusting the information that is there, because it always is.