The world is her home and everyone is a friend. That is like that since the day Doris was born.

I remember going to a café with her and she literally didn’t understand why everyone was on different tables. For her, everyone inside the café was connected. She would walk to other tables and just talk to people or sit with them. Everyone who was there was part of ‘the club’. That was when she was 1,5yo, and in essence this never changed.

Last week she was watching some people playing soccer in the park. Some other people came from behind Doris to join the soccer players and said ‘bon dia’. Doris replied with ‘bon dia’. The guys started laughing and reply with something like ‘bon dia to all!’ For Doris being between the two groups means she is part of the group.

It is so touching to see and feels how unique and united she is. And how inviting that is for people to connect with here. The world is here playground and everybody can join the club!