The one thing I love the most about unschooling is that all the learning is spontaneous.

There is no pressure in any wat to push the child to learn. There is no time frame, no subject, no form, no standard, no goal and no test to measure if the child did something in the right way, in the right time, within the right standard. Simply because there is no right, or wrong.

The child learns by doing, by discovering, by exploring, by watching and practicing. It chooses the time and place and form on the go. They just arise in the moment, in different situations, with different people, even in different languages.

There can be a ant with a leaf on its back, or a butterfly, or a little brother who needs care, or a tablet to take pictures, or a neigbour with a puppy or a broken bike. It can be anything, everywhere a learning situation can occur.

I love that about unschooling because spontaneous means naturally. And learning naturally means that the child is relaxed, self confident and aware. It is in a natural flow of being curious and open to see what is possible and what he/she is capable of.

“The mind is like a parachute, it only works when open.” In times when the mind is not open, no learning wil occur. The curiosity is low and the mind is not open to new things to handle. Then first something else is needed (selfcare, I would not not call that learning btw ;)). That is how nature does the trick. It is like magic 🪄

No schedules, no timeframe, only a little magic and a parachute. That is what unschooling is to us.