Writing some posts in English is an interesting process. Before I didn’t know for sure if I could get the depth of our vision in English. I noticed when I was watching the subtitles of our videoportret that we truly speak another language then most people. I wasn’t sure I can speak, let alone write that other language in English to.

But when I wanted to write something about ‘lovingly ignore’ I translated the Dutch word ‘liefdevol’ in to ‘loving’. And then I thought about the Dutch word ‘lief’ that is translated in to ‘sweet’. And it made me realize, writing in another language than my own gives me new ways of expressing myself and our vision. And I really like that!

In Dutch the words ‘liefdevol’ and ‘lief’ look a like, it is sometimes hard to explain why everything we do is loving but not sweet. In a giveconomy those are two totally different things, act loving or act sweet has a totally different outcome.

I will write some more about the difference between being loving and being sweet in English, because in English it is more easy to explain then in Dutch, because the words are so different! Wow, what a sweet insight. 🙂

I’m very excited that also in English I can write and describe our giveconomy ‘language’ to the fullest!

Will you keep on reading about me exploring giveconomy in English?!