What is more valuable then being outside on your bike? What is there more to do then petting al the cats you see? What I there more to learn then to be with the English neighbors all morning and make a sword?

For us, one thing that occurs in live is not more or less valuable then the other. What occurs is valuable. That is what is unschooling means for us.

We don’t take control over the learning process of our kids. They just move and learn. They play and learn. They are curious and learn. They develop because they are alive.

We let stuff happen, we let situations happen, we let relationships happen. There is no control, or manipulation or fear that our children will miss out on something. Everything they need to develop will be there. It will be there in the right time and the right place, with the right people in the right situation.

They learn about nature, about love, about freedom, about letters and numbers, about fear and pain, about being happy and feeling unsafe. They learn about stars and the moon, about animals, about food and drinks, about health and about death. Everything there is in life will cross their paths.

They see what live and being alive is all about. They learn everything there is to do, to feel and to know. Because they can and because we let them.