The big difference between a giveconomy and any system that is based on scarcity is the full or empty bucket. Unconditional giving, giving because you feel abundant, can only occur when your like a full bucket. When you are like a full bucket, it will automatically overflow and that overflowing is unconditional giving.

As long as your bucket is not full, you have nothing to give to another person or the world. The only focus you then should have is filling up your own bucket. Taking care of yourself, unconditionally!

In a world where you are constantly told you are not good enough and you will never be, it is impossible to feel abundant. You are told that your bucket will never be full, but you still have to give to others. That’s not how it works with giving unconditionally. When you keep on giving while your own bucket is empty, you keep on giving yourself even more empty then you already are. That’s called a burn-out (or depression or …), that means you have reached the bottom of the bucket.

So first make sure there is no hole in your bucket and that start filling it up. With self care, self awareness, self love…start to believe that you, as a person can be filled complete. In essence you already are, you only don’t feel it that way.

When you choose to start taking care of yourself first, your bucket will be filled up sooner than you think. And than you can start giving to others. By giving from your core. That means saying “No” has the same value as saying “Yes”, when it comes from your core. It is both unconditional giving, it is both from the flow of love. And if you stay in that flow, your bucket wil never go empty again.