Perspectives…they are so important in how the world works for you. The quote: “What you see is what you get”, says more about the one that is seeing than about the one that is seen.

Are you really able to see the other one for who he is? Can you really see beyond you own personal story to hear the story from the other person? Are you really listening to what they mean, or are you making pinpoints in your head about what you would do, or what you have experienced, or how you would act in a situation?

It would be so nice to live in a world where everybody would be really seen for who they are. That people would be healed and healthy enough to listen to another person by hart. Not to get something from listening, but to give something by listening. Just listening.

“What you receive is what you get”. would be a better quote. You can only receive to the point of where your conscious is right now. And if you develop, you can receive more. As you become more healed, work trough your own pain and deal with your own stuff, you can see and love yourself more and more. And so you can love other persons more for who they are.

The more you are able to give to yourself, the more you are able to give to another. The more you can see and receive from another person, the more you can give. Because receiving is giving and giving is receiving. Different sides, same coin.