Since we launched the videoportret in February and I stopped breastfeeding in may, the energy that is flowing towards giveconomy projects has increased a lot.

Since a couple of months Robbert is writing actively on the book about giveconomy. We started a podcast a couple of weeks ago and I did my first ‘live’ last week. And than there are many ideas for our new website, including a newsletter, an giveconomy archive and a giveconomybank. So much to do! 😉

But we also live in our camper, planning to travel a bit before winter kicks in in Portugal. But when we drive, there is little space left for the projects. Traveling is intens. Discovering new areas, driving the car, taking care of our children 24/7 without a grandpa our aunt who can spend time with them.

We already knew we are slow travelers, we are no tourists, the camper is our house, our home. We are not wanderers, we are nomads.

So we take it easy. Travel a bit, give a lot. Stay longer on one place to find rhythm with parenting, enjoying Portugal in all aspects and creating for giveconomy. Living the vanlife, living the giveconomy life and living the free and good life al together. By taking it slow in the flow.