“Stand your ground and everything around you will be in motion.”

Do you want to change the world? Do you want to be the change the world needs? That’s is so much easier then you might think!

Just stand your ground. Start acting like you are in your most beautiful world already. Not by visualization, not by manifestation, but by acting in your daily life.

When you start treating yourself like you would in your ideal world, you for sure would treat yourself differently than you are doing now. You would take care of yourself. Real care, like take time of (or stop working completely). You would go for walks, have fresh food, have time for yourself and the people you love (and even only for them, I mean, why would you spend time on people you don’t love or like?!)

You can start today, right now. And if you do, it includes a lot of ‘No’s’. And if you start saying ‘no’ where you normally would say ‘yes’, everything, everyone around you wil start moving. They will start questioning your ‘no’s’, people will try to get you back in how it was, they will get angry because “it doesn’t work like that”, they will pull and push so you won’t be their mirror.

And al you have to do is stand your ground. Stay true to yourself and what you know is the truth of a more loving, more caring and more honest world. Stand still and really feel what is good for you…and watch how everything and everyone starts to move because for the first time, your aren’t moving with them.