It is hard for most people to believe that we don’t believe in right or wrong, or in approval and disapproval, or in opinions or judgement.

We solitarily live by what we feel, by our intuition. We are completely in line with the stream of live. We are nature. And nature doesn’t judge. It doesn’t discuss opinions, it doesn’t approve or disapprove. It is just observing and feeling. Like animals.

When you live in a system where there is no judgement or (dis)approval, it is unbelievable that there is a system where people do al of those thing to each other and themselves.

Why on earth would you judge your own child, does that really make your relationship better? Why would you discuss in stead of having a dialogue? Why would you disapprove the things someone else does, when all you actually want is connection?

For years I believed that everyone in the end would choose connection over discussion, love over judgement. I hoped everyday, that the people around me would chose those things so we could be connected again.

And now I let that hope go. Because it doesn’t matter if they will make that choice someday. They don’t choose it today and that is fine.

I am in that system where there is no judgment, and the door is always open if people want to be there too. Don’t be scared, there will be no judgement or some other catch at the entrance. You can just walk in and be free.