Some people are convinced there is not enough for everyone in this world. There is not enough food, materials, time, love and space on the earth to take care of everyone.

We know that is not true. Well, it is true if we stay in the system that is running most of the world right now. That system is based on competition, and competition always turns out in scarcity. So if we stay to compete with each other, there will never be enough for everyone, no matter how many (or little) people are on this planet.

If everyone would live in a Giveconomy, every person on this planet I mean, there would be enough for everyone alive. Simply because giveconomy runs on connection, on cooperation and creation. And for those aspects, no challenge is to hot to handle. And for those aspects, everything and everyone there is, is taking into consideration for finding solutions. And that means that everyone and everything would ‘benefit’ from all there is. And all there is would be enough for everyone, because it starts with the feeling of being connected to all there is. Whatever you feel connected to you would never fight or compete. You would take care of it, by valuing it. And everything that is being valued as it is, will become ‘bigger’, because feeling valuable is the the perfect (and only real) condition for growth.

If everyone would feel enough, there would be enough for everyone. That is the system of enough, that is a giveconomy.

Not only would there be enough, there would be abundance. Because when you feel enough, and there is enough, there is more than enough, because you are enough. Where competition doesn’t exist, scarcity doesn’t exist. Everything there is, is enough to have a healthy, happy and meaningful life, connected to nature, the earth and especially each other.